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Becoming a host family will give you the opportunity to provide your family with memories and learning that will last a lifetime.

Host families in Canada offering homestay accommodation, ideal for all types of travel including tourists, students, gap year, interns or weekend travellers.

Red Leaf Canada host family profiles are diverse. They range from traditional and single-parent families to single adults and retirees. But all of them believe that learning a foreign language should be fun and full of the discovery that classroom settings simply cannot offer. They will help you learn and practise the language in everyday situations and while indulging your hobbies. If you would also like structured language lessons, click here to find out more about staying with a homestay teacher.

Some hosts can also arrange to pick you (or your child) up at the airport or station and transport you there again when you return home. The Red Leaf Canada contract is also there to help unaccompanied children pass through immigration. The identity of every host is checked personally by the Red Leaf Canada team before they can register with us. Together with references and visitor evaluations, contracts for each reservation, and support from the Red Leaf Canada team when misunderstandings occur, we ensure that your homestays are safe, secure and offer great value for money. Even your deposit is covered by our cancellation rules.

The second largest country in the world, Canada’s landscape appears boundless. From coast to coast the scenery is mesmerisingly beautiful. Frozen jagged coastlines give way to majestic peaks surrounded by shimmering lakes and rippling expanses of grasslands and savannahs. Surrounded by three separate oceans, at 151,019 miles long, Canada also has the longest coastline. A diverse climate from the subarctic North East to the temperate South West dictates that much of the expanse is sparsely populated and the majority of Canadians live closer to the border with the USA.

The influence of the arctic is strong and nature rules in the Nunavut Province, where the Northern Lights and polar bears are common sights. A blend of the indigenous population and several immigrant groups, Canada has a spectrum of cultures offering a range of culinary experiences. The large cosmopolitan cities of Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal are trendy and stylish. Ice hockey is the much-loved national sport.

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